shawjef3 / digitalocean   6.2


Scala wrapper around Digital Ocean's API, version 2

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11 2.10


Scala wrapper around Digital Ocean's API, version 2

This API is entirely asynchronous, so you'll want to know how to use Futures. Some classes have a "complete" method that perform several operations for you so that you can know if an operation such as Droplet.create or an action have completed. "complete" methods also return futures.




This project is now in Maven Central for Scala 2.10, 2.11, 2.12, and 2.13. You can add it to your dependencies in your project's sbt file.

libraryDependencies += "me.jeffshaw" %% "digitalocean" % "6.2"

Or, for a maven project:


Local Compilation

Install SBT, clone this repository, and cd to it.


//use :paste if you want to copy-paste the following, but be sure to set your api token first.

import scala.concurrent._, duration._, ExecutionContext.Implicits._
import me.jeffshaw.digitalocean._
import org.asynchttpclient.DefaultAsyncHttpClient

implicit val httpClient = new DefaultAsyncHttpClient()

implicit val client = DigitalOceanClient(
  token = "",
  maxWaitPerRequest = 5 seconds,
  //The following is used for polling action completion.
  actionCheckInterval = 15 seconds

//List all the regions.
val regions = Await.result(Region.list(), 5 seconds).toVector

//Create a small CentOS 6 32-bit droplet.
val droplet =
      name = "test",
      region = NewYork1,
      size = `512mb`,
      image = "centos-6-x32",
      sshKeys = Seq.empty,
      backups = false,
      ipv6 = false,
      privateNetworking = false,
      userData = None
    atMost = 10 seconds

//Wait for the droplet to become active.
Await.result(droplet.complete(), 2 minutes)

//Do stuff with the droplet.

//Run the delete the command, and then wait for the droplet to stop existing.

Await.result(droplet.delete().flatMap(_.complete()), 2 minutes)


//CTRL-D if you used :paste.

To run tests, set your api token in src/test/resources/application.conf, and then run test in the sbt console. WARNING: Digital Ocean might lock your account if you run the tests too often. You will want to notify them of what you are doing to prevent that. Also be aware that the floating ip tests don't clean up their test IPs if they fail.



  • Digital Ocean no longer sends the charset in the content-type
  • Add custom image type
  • Add new droplet sizes
  • Add filesystem type and label fields
  • Added method to create volumes from snapshots
  • Add SOA DNS records
  • Added publication for Scala 2.13
  • updated dependencies: async http client, json4s


  • Added new droplet sizes
  • updated dependencies: scala 2.12, typesafe config, async http client, json4s


  • Updated async http client dependency
  • tests now use ScalaTest's async support
  • serialization exceptions are wrapped in DigitalOceanClientException
  • FloatingIp now has assign and unassign methods


  • Add m-1vcpu-8gb and s-1vcpu-3gb droplet sizes


  • Add support for Tags
  • Add support for Firewalls
  • Add compute droplet sizes


  • Add support for Scala 2.12
  • Remove dispatch, since it is not published for Scala 2.12
  • The client now requires an implicit AsyncHttpClient
  • Add refresh() method to Action, Droplet, and Volume
  • Add sfo2 region, and various new droplet sizes


  • Add support for volumes
  • Action#resourceId is now an Option[BigInt]


  • Thanks to flavienbert, polling no longer consumes a thread while it's sleeping.
  • Added upcoming Bangalore1 region.
  • If you were using classes in the package me.jeffshaw.digitalocean.metadata.responses, you shouldn't have been. Those classes are now private.


  • Fix a bug where polling for action completion occured on the caller's thread.


  • Methods that return Futures but didn't have an empty parameter list now require an empty parameter list. Examples are list methods and delete methods.
  • Image list methods now ask whether you want private images or not, and if you want All, Application, or Distribution images.
  • Add support for floating IPs.
  • Add support for actions on droplet tags.
  • The ssh key tests are more reliable.
  • Supports the latest droplet metadata.


  • Add Toronto1 to the Region enumeration.


  • Add Frankfurt1 to the Region enumeration.
  • OAuth support may come in a future 2.0 release.


  • Update to account for March 20 changes.
  • Fix SSH key functionality, and added tests for SshKey thanks to bass3t.


Droplet creation has changed to return less information about the droplet. My solution is to just read the ID, and then ask for all the information in a second request.


Metadata functionality added to the metadata package.


DNS functionality added to the dns package.


List functions now return iterators that support paged responses.