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Scala versions: 2.12 2.11

sadamasashi-compiler - さだまさしコンパイラ

Masashi Sada (さだ まさし Sada Masashi, born April 10, 1952) is a Japanese singer, lyricist, composer, novelist, actor, and a film producer.

Sada formed the folk duo Grape with Masami Yoshida in 1972, and they made their debut as recording artists a year afterward. The pair rose to fame owing to the hit song "Shourou Nagashi" (精霊流し) composed by Sada, which peaked at the number-two position on the Japanese Oricon chart in 1974. They broke up in 1976, after producing some hit singles including "En-kiri Dera" (縁切寺) and "Muen Zaka" (無縁坂).

Sada released his first solo album entitled Kikyorai shortly after Grape's dissolution. Following the commercial success of the number-one hit single "Amayadori" (雨やどり, Shelter from the rain) in 1977, he enjoyed a recording career as one of the most popular Japanese male artists during the late 1970s and the first half of the 1980s.

Throughout his career as a musician, Sada released over 35 solo albums and 70 singles, and multiple live albums or compilations. Since the release of Shourou Nagashi, published in 2001, Sada has also worked as a novelist.


I just created a Scala macro library to share lots of people the joy of Scala programming.

さだまさし x IT Advent Calendar 2015 20 日目の記事のためにつくったライブラリです。詳細は記事参照。


scalaVersion := "2.12.0"
libraryDependencies += "com.github.seratch" %% "sadamasashi-compiler" % "0.2"
initialCommands := "import sadamasashi._"

Examples on the REPL

If the given song title is correct, sadamasashi-compiler successfully returns Song object.

scala> さだまさし.関白宣言
res0: sadamasashi.Song = Song(関白宣言)

show or を観る method invokes your machine's default browser to show an appropriate YouTube video. The following code will show you this YouTube video.

scala> さだまさし.関白宣言.を観る

When the song title is incorrect, sadamasashi-compiler gives you a compilation error and shows you some suggestions instead.

scala> さだまさし.ライオン
<console>:14: error: これはさだまさしさんの曲名ではないようです。もしかして: 風に立つライオン (0.44), 愛の音 (0.40), 絵画館 (0.40), 指定券 (0.40), 地平線 (0.40)

When there is no appropriate candidates for the input, sadamasashi-compiler automatically invokes your default browser and shows you Google search result page as well.

scala> さだまさし.天皇の料理番
<console>:14: error: これはさだまさしさんの曲名ではないようです。もしかして: いのちの理由 (0.36), どんぐり通信 (0.36), 転校生(ちょっとピンボケ) (0.36), 検察側の証人 (0.33), 天空の村に月が降る (0.31)

If you'd love to learn more about Masashi Sada, you can infinitely watch Sada-san's video.

scala> さだまさし.もっと知りたい
<console>:14: error:
 "さだまさし 秘密" で YouTube 動画を検索しました。
 「秘密 さだまさし COVER   演奏法」( がオススメです。


Enjoy Masashi Sada's world :)