seitzal / http4s-upickle   0.2.2

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Interoperability module for http4s and uPickle

Scala versions: 2.13


Interoperability module for http4s and uPickle.


Artifacts are currently not published anywhere. To build your own, you need to have Mill installed. You can then run the following to build the module and publish it to your local ivy repository:

git clone
cd http4s-upickle
mill interop.publishLocal

Afterwards, you can set a dependency in your own project:

ivy"eu.seitzal::http4s-upickle:0.2.2"      // Mill
"eu.seitzal" %% "http4s-upickle" % "0.2.2" // SBT


Use the following import to bring the implicits into scope:

import eu.seitzal.http4s_upickle._

You can then use any types that are readable/writable by uPickle as if they were internally supported by http4s. Example:

case class Entry(text: String, done: Boolean, parent: Option[Int])

object Entry {
  implicit val rw = upickle.default.macroRW[Entry]

def readEntry(rq: Request[IO]): IO[Entry] =[Entry] // to read

def writeEntry(entry: Entry): IO[Response[IO]] =
  Ok(entry) // to write