ScalaTest Spring integration library

ScalaTest Spring Integration (scalatest-spring)

Integrates ScalaTest with Spring to manage test context lifecycle using standard Spring annotations and a stackable Scala trait.

Getting Started

libraryDependencies ++= "com.github.scalaspring" %% "scalatest-spring" % "0.3.1"
Extend the TestContextManagement trait
  • Extend the TestContextManagement trait in your test to automatically set up and tear down your Spring test context.
  • Use the standard Spring ContextConfiguration annotation (see Spring Testing Annotations) to identify the configuration to use.
@ContextConfiguration(classes = Array(classOf[SimpleConfiguration]))
class SimpleTestSpec extends FlatSpec with TestContextManagement with Matchers {

  // Use Spring compatible annotations (@Autowired or @Inject) to inject necessary dependencies
  // Note that Spring will inject val (read-only) fields, so this field will be non-null when tests run
  @Autowired val injected: Seq[String] = null

  "Dependency" should "be injected" in {
    // Some test that uses the injected dependency
    injected shouldEqual Seq("foo")


class SimpleConfiguration {
    def someSeq: Seq[String] = Seq("foo")

Implementation Notes

  • The TestContextManagement class is implemented as a stackable trait extending the BeforeAndAfterAll ScalaTest trait.
  • Spring's TestContextManager class is used under the hood which reads the @ContextConfiguration attribute to set up the appropriate test context.
  • If you need your own beforeAll or afterAll logic, be sure to call super.beforeAll and super.afterAll in your implementation to ensure that contexts are properly created and destroyed. See the project test source for an example.