Scala Native Binding Generator

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The tool generates Scala Native bindings from C headers.


Documentation can be found at

Bindgen Features

  • possibility to reuse types from existing bindings.
  • type casts that make recursive structs be valid Scala Native structs.
  • implicit classes for structs and unions that make fields access easier.
  • implicit classes that add setters and getters to structs with more than 22 fields (such structs in Scala Native are represented as arrays of bytes).
  • literal defines embedding #define MY_CONSTANT 42val MY_CONSTANT: native.CInt = 42.
  • read-only bindings for extern variables (such variables cannot be updated due to Scala Native limitation).
  • declarations filtering by prefix.


struct point {
    float x;
    float y;

struct vector {
    struct point a;
    struct point b;

struct vector *add(struct vector *v1, struct vector *v2);
import scala.scalanative._
import scala.scalanative.native._"vector")
object vector {
  type struct_point = native.CStruct2[native.CFloat, native.CFloat]
  type struct_vector = native.CStruct2[struct_point, struct_point]
  def add(v1: native.Ptr[struct_vector], v2: native.Ptr[struct_vector]): native.Ptr[struct_vector] = native.extern

  object implicits {
    implicit class struct_point_ops(val p: native.Ptr[struct_point]) extends AnyVal {
      def x: native.CFloat = !p._1
      def x_=(value: native.CFloat): Unit = !p._1 = value
      def y: native.CFloat = !p._2
      def y_=(value: native.CFloat): Unit = !p._2 = value

    implicit class struct_vector_ops(val p: native.Ptr[struct_vector]) extends AnyVal {
      def a: native.Ptr[struct_point] = p._1
      def a_=(value: native.Ptr[struct_point]): Unit = !p._1 = !value
      def b: native.Ptr[struct_point] = p._2
      def b_=(value: native.Ptr[struct_point]): Unit = !p._2 = !value

  object struct_point {
    import implicits._
    def apply()(implicit z: native.Zone): native.Ptr[struct_point] = native.alloc[struct_point]
    def apply(x: native.CFloat, y: native.CFloat)(implicit z: native.Zone): native.Ptr[struct_point] = {
      val ptr = native.alloc[struct_point]
      ptr.x = x
      ptr.y = y

  object struct_vector {
    import implicits._
    def apply()(implicit z: native.Zone): native.Ptr[struct_vector] = native.alloc[struct_vector]
    def apply(a: native.Ptr[struct_point], b: native.Ptr[struct_point])(implicit z: native.Zone): native.Ptr[struct_vector] = {
      val ptr = native.alloc[struct_vector]
      ptr.a = a
      ptr.b = b


This project is distributed under the Scala license. See LICENSE.txt for details