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This is a project to be used in the "Scala and akka in practise" course

Scala versions: 2.11

Performance analysis

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This is a project used in the "Scala and akka in practise" course. Goal: learn programing with Scala and Akka in a real-world scenario.

What do you call a Java repository? A garbage collection

Run Gatling Simulations

To run all gatling tests

sbt gatling:test

To run single test

sbt gatling:testOnly <pacakge.simulation.class>

Actor Design

![Alt text]( digraph G { node [shape=box]; Administrator [shape=oval]; LogReceiver [shape=oval]; aize ="4,4"; AdministratorActor; LogParserActor; LogReceiverActor; AlertRuleActor; AlertActionActor; ; Administrator -> AdministratorActor [label="RegisterMetric\nGetRegisteredComponents\nRegisterComponent\nRegisterAlertingRule\nGetDetails"]; ; AdministratorActor -> Administrator [label="MetricCreated\nRegisteredComponents\nLogParserCreated\nLogParserExisted\nDetails\nLogParserNotFound\nMetricNotFound\nAlertingRuleCreated"]; ; AdministratorActor -> LogParserActor [label="RequestDetails\nRegisterMetric\nRegisterAlertingRule"]; LogParserActor -> AdministratorActor [label="Details\nMetricRegistered\nMetricNotFound\nAlertingRuleCreated"]; LogParserActor -> AlertRuleActor [label="CheckRuleBreak"]; AlertRuleActor -> AlertActionActor [label="Action"]; ; LogReceiver -> LogReceiverActor [label="SubmitLog"]; LogReceiverActor -> LogReceiver [label="LogSubmitted"]; } )