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The sbt-autoversion plugin builds on the sbt-release and sbt-git plugins to automatically manage the version bump to apply (major, minor or patch version bumps), based on commits messages patterns.

Adding to your project

Add the following line to your project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.github.sbt" % "sbt-autoversion" % "2.2.0")

Since sbt-autoversion is an AutoPlugin, it will be automatically available to your projects, given you're including both the sbt-release and sbt-git plugins.


sbt-autoversion automatically wires itself in the setting of sbt-release's releaseVersion setting, meaning that you can use the sbt-release's release with-defaults command and use the non-interactive release process with the correct version configured.

sbt-autoversion however expose a few interesting tasks:

  • latestTag: fetches the latest Git tag, based on Semantic Versioning ordering
  • unreleasedCommits: lists commits since the latest tag/release
  • suggestedBump: shows what version bump the plugin has computed and would automatically apply on the next release.



Linked to sbt-release's releaseTagName setting, defines how to "clean up" a Git tag to get back a semver-compatible version.

majorRegexes, minorRegexes, bugfixRegexes

The list of regular expression that a commit message should match to be seen as requiring respectively a major, a minor, or a bugfix version bump.

Default patterns:

  • major: \[?breaking\]?.*, \[?major\]?.*
  • minor: \[?feature\]?.*, \[?minor\]?.*
  • bugfix: \[?bugfix\]?.*, \[?fix\]?.*
  • nano: \[?nano\]?.*

Note: regular expressions are executed in the order shown above (major, minor, then bugfix) and the first match is returned. See defaultBump for behavior if no matches are found in the unreleased commit messages.


If the plugin is unable to suggest a version bump based on commit messages (i.e., if none of the configured regular expressions match), this version bump will be suggested instead. If set to None, an error will be thrown, and the release will be aborted.

Set to Some(Bump.Bugfix) by default.

Conventional Commits

An additional opt-in plugin is also provided that overrides the default bump patterns with those modelled after the Conventional Commits spec:

  • major: .*BREAKING[-\s]CHANGE: .*, ^(.*!: ).*
  • minor: ^feat.*: .*
  • bugfix: ^fix.*: .*

The plugin must be manually enabled to take effect in built.sbt:

enablePlugins(AutoVersionPlugin, ConventionalCommits)

Note: By default these patterns are applied in addition to the default patterns, so that commit messages will match either the default or conventional commit patterns. This default behavior can be disabled with this setting key, enabling only Conventional commit patterns:

conventionalPatternsAdditive := false


This software is under the Apache 2.0 License.