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SBT plugin for retrieving runtime information about the classes and traits in a project

Scala versions: 2.12 2.10
sbt plugins: 1.0 0.13


sbt-classfinder is a SBT plugin for retrieving runtime information about the classes and traits in a project and searching for specific classes according to some criteria, such as their superclasses or annotations. It allows one to modify the behavior and dependencies of other post-compile SBT tasks according to the compiled code or the classpath.

Quick Start

To use sbt-classfinder in an existing SBT project using SBT 0.13.5+, add the following dependency to your project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("net.ruippeixotog" % "sbt-classfinder" % "0.1.2")


  • classFinderClasspath: determines the classpath to be searched. The scope of the classpath depends on the value of the classFinderScope setting;
  • classFinder: returns a ClassFinder instance containing several utility methods for listing and finding classes in the specified classpath;
  • allClassesInfo: an utility task for retrieving a stream with the information of all classes.


  • classFinderScope: defines what should and should not be searched in the build classpath. One of:
    • Config: search the build products of the scoped SBT configuration, e.g. Compile classes for compile:classFinderScope and Test classes for test:classFinderScope;
    • Build: search the build products of the whole SBT build, including other projects in multi-project builds;
    • BuildAndDeps: search the full classpath, including external dependencies.


Run the main class marked with the annotation QuickRun:

// build.sbt
lazy val markedMain = TaskKey[String]("markedMain")

lazy val runMarked = TaskKey[Unit]("runMarked")

markedMain := {
  val className = (classFinder in Compile).value.classesAnnotatedWith("QuickRun")
  if (className.endsWith("$")) className.dropRight(1) else className

runMarked <<= std.FullInstance.flatten { { mMain => (runMain in Compile).toTask(" " + mMain) }

Make test run also subclasses of MyTest using a custom test executor:

// build.sbt
lazy val myTests = TaskKey[Seq[String]]("myTests")

def myTestExecutor(testClass: String) = ???

myTests := (classFinder in Test).value.subtypesOf("MyTest").map(

test <<= { testSeq => }

Copyright (c) 2015 Rui Gonçalves. See LICENSE for details.