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Specs2 specifications and matchers for akka-testkit

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12 2.11

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A small library for those who use akka-testkit in specs2 specifications. Provides idiomatic specs2 matchers for checking the correct reception of messages by test actors and probes, handling the provision and proper termination of test actor systems.


To use akka-testkit-specs2 in an existing SBT project with Scala 2.12, 2.13 or 3.2, add the following dependency to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "net.ruippeixotog" %% "akka-testkit-specs2" % "0.3.2"

To use it in your specifications, just extend AkkaSpecification:

class MySpec extends AkkaSpecification {

  "MySpec" should {

    "provide a test actor and matchers for messages" in {
      testActor ! "hello"
      this must receive("hello")

If you can't extend classes in your specification, just mix-in the trait AkkaSpecificationLike (you just need to provide it an ActorSystem). If you only need the matchers, you can also mix-in directly AkkaMatchers. While AkkaSpecification and AkkaSpecificationLike only support mutable specifications, AkkaMatchers should work in immutable specifications too.

The testkit provides several ways to check messages received by a test actor or a test probe. This library provides expectations already existent in akka-testkit TestKitBase in the form of specs2 Matchers with proper failure messages and an idiomatic syntax:

class MySpec extends AkkaSpecification {
  // testActor is not thread-safe; use `TestProbe` instances per example when possible!

  "my test probe" should {

    "receive messages" in {
      testActor ! "hello" // expect any message
      this must receiveMessage

      testActor ! "hello" // expect a specific message
      this must receive("hello")

      testActor ! "hello" // expect a message of a given type
      this must receive[String]

      testActor ! "hello" // expect a message matching a function
      this must receive[String].which(_ must startWith("h"))

      testActor ! Some("hello") // expect a message matching a partial function
      this must {
        case Some(s: String) => s must startWith("h")

      testActor ! "b" // expect several messages, possibly unordered
      testActor ! "a"
      this must receive.allOf("a", "b")

      testActor ! "b" // expect a message (possibly not the next one)
      testActor ! "a"
      this must receive("a").afterOthers

      testActor ! "hello" // expect a message with an explicit timeout
      this must receiveWithin(1.second)("hello")

      case class Envelope(msg: String) // unwrap a message before matching
      testActor ! Envelope("hello")
      this must receive[Envelope].unwrap(_.msg).which(_ must startWith("h"))

      testActor ! "hello" // ...and several combinations of the modifiers above
      this must receiveWithin(1.second)[String].which(_ must startWith("h")).afterOthers

Akka Typed Actors

If you're using the new Typed Actor API avalilable since Akka 2.6, you can use AkkaTypedSpecification, AkkaTypedSpecificationLike and AkkaTypedMatchers instead of the traits above:

class MyTypedSpec extends AkkaTypedSpecification {

  "my typed test probe" should {

    "receive messages" in {
      val probe = testKit.createTestProbe[String]()

      probe.ref ! "hello" // expect any message
      probe must receiveMessage

      probe.ref ! "hello" // expect a specific message
      probe must receive("hello")

      // any of the following are type errors:
      // probe.ref ! 3
      // probe must receive(3)

      // (...)

Copyright (c) 2016-2020 Rui Gonçalves. See LICENSE for details.