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What is it?

Ject is a library to help with the creation of Lucene indexes for dictionaries and performing searches on those indexes.

Currently only Japanese is supported with JMDict, but the plan is to support multiple dictionaries for multiple languages.

The motivation for creating this library is to enable real-time dictionary searches into Command Center via a plugin.


To create the JMDict Lucene index, simply run examples/runMain ject.examples.JMDictMain after starting up sbt.

Similarly for creating the Lucene index for Kanjidic: examples/runMain ject.examples.KanjidicMain

You can also use this project as a library by adding the following dependency:

"com.github.reibitto" %% "ject" % "0.3.1"

But be warned the API, schemas, etc will likely change quite a bit in the future. I just wanted to get this library out there first so that it can be used in Command Center. I'll put more thought into a clean design later as I start supporting other dictionaries and languages.