sbt plugin for Socco. Socco is a Scala compiler plugin to generate documentation from Scala source files


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This is an sbt plugin for [socco-ng]

Socco is a Scala compiler plugin to generate documentation from Scala source files. It produces HTML documents that display your comments alongside your code. Comments are passed through Markdown, and the Scala code is syntax highlighted, typed and linked to the appropriate API Doc.

socco-ng is the updated form of Socco that was initially developed by our friends @ Criteo.


Start by installing the sbt plugin in project/plugins.sbt. This plugin requires sbt 1.0.0+

addSbtPlugin("io.regadas" % "sbt-socco" % "0.1.0")

Then in your build.sbt file, simply enable the SbtSoccoPlugin via an enablePlugins statement for your project.


You can further customize the generated html documents through with the following settings:

  • soccoOut - output directory for the generated html documents.
  • soccoStyle - path to a custom stylesheet.
  • soccoHeader - path to a custom html header.
  • soccoFooter - path to a custom html footer.
  • soccoPackage - List of packages and scaladoc url's. Needs to follow this "$packageName:$scalaDocUrl" pattern.
  • soccoIndex - Custom task that generates a html toc.
  • soccoOnCompile - If socco html documents should be generated at compile phase.

If you set soccoOnCompile := false to compile the examples you need to run:

  • enableSocco and then,
  • compile

How do I write examples?

To understand the supported syntax please check socco repo.



Thanks Criteo for providing Socco!