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A foundational framework for distributed programming.

Scala versions: 2.11 2.10
Scala.js versions: 0.6
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Reactors.IO is a concurrent, distributed programming framework based on asynchronous event streams.


Add the following line to your SBT project definition:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq("io.reactors" %% "reactors" % "0.8")

Then, import the io.reactors package in your project:

import io.reactors._

Alternatively, you can download the artifact from Maven. To learn how to write reactor-based programs, please read the tutorial.


You will need to install SBT build tool on your system. Once you do that, go to your project folder, and run:

$ sbt

Within the sbt shell, you can compile the code:

> compile

You can start continuous compilation whenever your code changes:

> ~compile

After making changes, submit a pull request to the reactors repo at GitHub. Tests will be run automatically, and your contribution will be reviewed. If you want to run tests locally, run test or testOnly <name-of-test> in the SBT shell.


Room on Gitter chat: Join the chat at

Mailing list: Google Groups

Twitter: Reactors.IO