anomalies, sprouts, and the likes. Core module for "pureharm".


See changelog.


The available modules are.

  • "com.busymachines" %% s"pureharm-core" % "0.3.0". Which in turn is split up into (if you do not need all of core)
    • "com.busymachines" %% s"pureharm-core-sprout" % "0.3.0"
    • "com.busymachines" %% s"pureharm-core-anomaly" % "0.3.0"
    • "com.busymachines" %% s"pureharm-core-identifiable" % "0.3.0"


Under construction. See release notes and tests for examples.

Copyright and License

All code is available to you under the Apache 2.0 license, available at and also in the LICENSE file.