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uuid4s is yet another functional uuid for Scala. It tries to be typeful and purely functional. Java UUID’s aren’t safe and are not referentially transparent. The objetive of this library is provide a set of tools for interacting with FUUID’s.


Add the following to your build.sbt.

// For Scala 2.11, or 2.12
libraryDependencies += "org.pure4s" %% "uuid4s" % "0.1.5"


  1. It's easy to use.
  2. It does not force a specific target context. You can run your computations in any type F[_] that has an instance of cats-effect's Sync[F].
  3. It has documentation.
  4. It's modular.


Module name Description Version
uuid4s The core functionality of uuid4s 0.1.5
uuid4s-fast Use fast uuid fast-uuid 0.1.5
uuid4s-circe Encode and decode HTTP entities with Circe 0.1.5



import java.util.UUID
import cats.effect.IO
import org.pure4s.uuid4s.FUUID

object Main extends App {

  // Parsing
  val uuid1: UUID = FUUID[IO].fromString("7cfb70a9-0764-4851-a28c-309393aea2eb").unsafeRunSync()
  // uuid1: java.util.UUID = 7cfb70a9-0764-4851-a28c-309393aea2eb

  // Generating
  val uuid2: UUID = FUUID[IO].random.unsafeRunSync()
  // uuid2: java.util.UUID = f94e2de4-1c08-4189-9664-105954589e52

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