prom3th3us / zio-actors-cassandra-journal   0.0.4

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Cassandra journal plugin for #zio-actors-persistence. Mimics akka-persistence schema to favor migrations.

Scala versions: 2.13

Cassandra Journal Plugin for ZIO Actors Persistance

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Technology Version
Scala 2.13.8
SBT 1.7.1
ZIO 2.0.2


This plugin uses quill-cassandra as cql client to connect to the database.

The schema follows the akka-persistance standard to favor apps willing to migrate.

Others can simply sit on top, or fork the project to fit their custom needs.


Add the library to your project dependencies:

libraryDependencies += "io.github.prom3th3us" %% "zio-actors-cassandra-journal" % "<version>"

⚔️ Known issues

Because of zio.actors.persistence.journal.Journal plugin limitations, we cannot configure custom serializers for our events. For this reason, we decided to use jackson here. This forces us to declare nasty @JsonTypeInfo annotations on top of our event case classe for it to work, but it does the job quite good, fast and reliable.

🤝 Contributing

The best way to contribute right now is to provide feedback.

When contributing to this project and interacting with others, please follow our Contributing Guidelines.