plmuninn / hocones   0.2

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Toolset for hocon format configuration

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0


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What is hocones?

Is CLI application and sbt-plugin for managing hocon format configuration in business environment.

It help's with:

  • creating, managing documentation for configurations
  • tracking changes in environments defined in configurations
  • understanding application configuration

What exactly it does?

It loads your configuration, analyse it and generate 4 files:

  • environment file with all application environments
  • yaml meta file with flat structure of configuration, where you can describe configuration, add some more context and possible values
  • Markdown file with environment files merged with values from meta file
  • Markdown file with documentation for whole configuration merged from meta file - it also includes information like environment files, default values etc.


Because configurations are often very complex and fragile parts of software - many times not managed properly, what can lead to many problems.

hocones is also big help for DevOps and QA Engineers


  • describing elements in array
  • scraping descriptions from hocon file comments