pfn / sbt-simple-server   0.4

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Simple SBT server plugin

Scala versions: 2.10
sbt plugins: 0.13


Simple SBT server plugin


  • In project/plugins.sbt addSbtPlugin("com.hanhuy.sbt" % "sbt-simple-server" % "0.4")
  • disablePlugins(SimpleServerPlugin) if desired, otherwise it will be automatically enabled
  • Run and use SBT like normal
  • Run the script from the project you want to connect to remotely, anything that can be typed into an sbt repl can be typed into passed as an argument to, add quotes if necessary.

How it works

Inspired by Eugene's writeup at, I decided to implement this personally without having to wait for anything to be integrated into SBT. The general idea is the same, except this is even further underengineered.

  • Replaces the shell command with server-shell
  • Runs a thread to loop over shell input, and runs a thread to read a network port assigned to the project (determined by taking the first 2 bytes of the canonical path hash until one is found that is over 1024)
  • Reads input from network and repl and throws it into a blocking queue
  • Every time the server-shell command is executed, a command is popped off the queue, polling until one is available if necessary.
  • Commands that come from the network have a result status passed to them to indicate whether they succeeded or failed, (0 for success, 1 for failure, 2 for command in-flight)