This repository is no longer maintained.

widerow Build Status

This is an open source project!


WideRow is a high level API for dealing with Cassandra wide-rows as if they were lazy collections. While primarily meant for Cassandra, the WideRow API is database and driver agnostic.

Key features:

  • Chaining of multiple rows into one logical sequence
  • Supports collection methods like map(), flatMap(), filter(), collect(), and group()
  • Conservative querying to minimize data reads
  • Fast querying to fetch data concurrently


This library is published to PagerDuty Bintray OSS Maven repository:

resolvers += "bintray-pagerduty-oss-maven" at ""

Adding the dependency to your SBT build file:

libraryDependencies += "com.pagerduty" %% "widerow" % "0.5.1"


This library is primarily maintained by the Core Team at PagerDuty.


Contributions are welcome in the form of pull-requests based on the master branch. We ask that your changes are covered by unit tests.

Before opening a pull-request, remember to apply auto-formatting to your code. You can trigger auto-formatting by running sbt test or sbt ";compile;test:compile".


Follow these steps to release a new version:

  • Update version.sbt in your PR
  • Update in your PR
  • When the PR is approved, merge it to master, and delete the branch
  • Travis will run all tests, publish artifacts to Bintray, and create a new version tag in Github