olafurpg / sbt-idea-plugin   0.4.2-RC3


SBT plugin for Intellij IDEA plugin's developers

Scala versions: 2.10
sbt plugins: 0.13


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SBT plugin that makes development of IntelliJ IDEA plugins in Scala easier.


  • Insert into project/plugins.sbt:
resolvers += Resolver.url("dancingrobot84-bintray",

addSbtPlugin("com.dancingrobot84" % "sbt-idea-plugin" % "0.4.0")
  • Insert into build.sbt:
  • Run SBT and execute updateIdea task. It will download IDEA and external plugins used in project

  • Start coding

Available settings

ideaBuild in ThisBuild :: SettingKey[String]


IDEA's build number. Binaries and sources of this build will be downloaded from https://jetbrains.com and used in compilation and testing. You can find build number of your IDEA in Help -> About dialog. However, it might be incomplete, so I strongly recommend you to verify it against available releases and available snapshots.

ideaEdition in ThisBuild :: SettingKey[IdeaEdition]

Default: IdeaEdition.Community

Edition of IntelliJ IDEA to use in project.

ideaDownloadDirectory in ThisBuild :: SettingKey[File]

Default: baseDirectory / "idea"

Directory where IDEA binaries and sources will be downloaded.

ideaDownloadSources in ThisBuild :: SettingKey[Boolean]

Default: true

Flag indicating whether IDEA sources should be downloaded alongside IDEA binaries or not.

ideaInternalPlugins :: SettingKey[String]

Default: Seq.empty

List of bundled IDEA plugins to depend upon. Their jars will be used in compilation. Available plugins can be found in ideaBaseDirectory / "plugins" directory.

ideaExternalPlugins :: SettingKey[IdeaPlugin]

Default: Seq.empty

List of external IDEA plugins to depend upon. Their zips or jars will be downloaded and unpacked in ideaBaseDirectory / "externalPlugins" directory, each in its own subdirectory. They will be used in compilation.

ideaPublishSettings :: SettingKey[PublishSettings]

Default: PublishSettings(pluginId = "", username = "", password = "", channel = None)

Settings necessary for uploading your IDEA plugin to https://plugins.jetbrains.com

ideaPluginFile :: TaskKey[File]

Default: aliased to package in Compile

Your IDEA plugin file to publish on https://plugins.jetbrains.com


updateIdea :: TaskKey[Unit]

Download IDEA's binaries and sources, put them into ideaBaseDirectory directory. Download external plugins and put them in ideaBaseDirectory / "externalPlugins" directory. Automatically add IDEA's and plugin's jars into unmanagedJars in Compile.

publishPlugin :: TaskKey[String]

Upload and publish your IDEA plugin on https://plugins.jetbrains.com. Returns URL of published plugin.

Notes and best practices

  • If you use sbt-assembly plugin to produce a fat jar to distribute your plugin you should avoid putting IDEA's jars into this fat jar of yours. To achieve this insert

    assemblyExcludedJars in assembly <<= ideaFullJars

    into your build.sbt

  • If you depend upon one or more external plugins, add


    to your run configuration's VM options in order for debug IDEA instance to use already downloaded plugins