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This project is no longer needed since the new Coursier library API has gotten a lot nicer --->

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This project is a small wrapper around the library APIs for Coursier with the objective to provide a stable binary compatible interface.


  • never break binary compatibility
  • no transitive dependencies besides scala-library, coursier is shaded into an internal namespace


  • support the full coursier library API, if you need advanced configuration such as authentication or custom cache locations use Coursier directly.


Maven Central

// Supports 2.10, 2.11 and 2.12
libraryDependencies += "com.geirsson" %% "coursier-small" % "VERSION"

Then use it like this

import com.geirsson.coursiersmall._
val dependency = new Dependency("com.geirsson", "scalafmt-cli_2.12", "1.5.1")
val settings = new Settings() .withDependencies(List(dependency))
val jars = CoursierSmall.fetch(settings)
// List(~/.coursier/cache/.../scalafmt-cli_2.12-1.5.1.jar, ...)

In case of resolution or file errors, the exceptions ResolutionException or FileException are thrown.