okapies / finagle-kafka   0.2.2

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An Apache Kafka client in Netty and Finagle.

Scala versions: 2.11 2.10


An Apache Kafka client in Netty and Finagle.


finagle-kafka is an Apache Kafka client in Netty and Twitter's Finagle. It enables you to handle Kafka in more functional and composable way based on Futures.

You can also utilize excellent features of Finagle: load balancing, connection pooling, timeouts, retries and bunch of statistics for monitoring and diagnostics.

Your feedbacks and contributions are welcome!


libraryDependencies += "com.github.okapies" %% "finagle-kafka" % "0.2.1"


import com.twitter.util.Future
import okapies.finagle._
import okapies.finagle.kafka.protocol._

// connect to bootstrap broker
val bootstrap = Kafka.newRichClient("[host]:[port]")

// create a client for the leader of specific topic partition
val metadata = bootstrap.metadata("topic")
val client = metadata.map {
  _.head.partitions(0).leader.map { l =>

client.foreach { cli =>
  // get offset
  val offset = cli.offset("topic", 0, -1).map(_.offsets(0))

  // produce a message
  val produced = offset.unit before cli.produce("topic", 0, "foobar").unit

  // fetch messages
  val msgs = produced before offset.flatMap { offset =>
    cli.fetch("topic", 0, offset).map {


$ git clone https://github.com/okapies/finagle-kafka.git
$ cd finagle-kafka
$ sbt package

Running tests

Tests are run using sbt.

sbt test

Future work

  • Compression support
  • Partitioning and Zookeeper support
  • Migration to Netty 4/5 and Finagle 7
  • More high-level and sophisticated KafkaClient
  • Compatibility test