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Genkai (jp. 限界, limit) is a small library which allows you to limit requests or function calls

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12


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Genkai (jp. 限界, limit) is a small library which allows you to limit requests or function calls.


libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "com.nryanov.genkai" %% "<genkai-module>" % "[version]"

Supported strategies

  • Token bucket
  • Fixed window
  • Sliding window

Description of each of them can be found here:

All strategies are cost-based.


The main structure and some abstractions are similar to sttp. If you familiar with it then you should be comfortable with this library too :)

There are integrations for Monix, cats-effect and ZIO.

It is not necessary to use these integrations. There are also built-in Identity, Try, Either and Future wrappers.

Backend Client
Aerospike aerospike-client-java
Redis jedis


Class Effect
TryRateLimiter scala.util.Try
EitherRateLimiter Either
AerospikeSyncRateLimiter None (Identity)
AerospikeCatsRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Sync: cats.effect.ContextShift
AerospikeZioRateLimiter zio.Task
JedisClusterSyncRateLimiter None (Identity)
JedisClusterCatsRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Sync: cats.effect.ContextShift
JedisClusterCats3RateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Sync
JedisClusterZioRateLimiter zio.Task
JedisSyncRateLimiter (sentinel/pool) None (Identity)
JedisCatsRateLimiter (sentinel/pool) F[_]: cats.effect.Sync: cats.effect.ContextShift
JedisCats3RateLimiter (sentinel/pool) F[_]: cats.effect.Sync
JedisZioRateLimiter (sentinel/pool) zio.Task
LettuceSyncRateLimiter None (Identity)
LettuceAsyncRateLimiter scala.concurrent.Future
LettuceCatsRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Sync: cats.effect.ContextShift
LettuceCatsAsyncRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Concurrent
LettuceCats3RateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Sync
LettuceCats3AsyncRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Async
LettuceMonixAsyncRateLimiter monix.eval.Task
LettuceZioRateLimiter zio.Task
LettuceZioAsyncRateLimiter zio.Task
RedissonSyncRateLimiter None (Identity)
RedissonAsyncRateLimiter scala.concurrent.Future
RedissonCatsRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Sync: cats.effect.ContextShift
RedissonCatsAsyncRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Concurrent
RedissonCats3RateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Sync
RedissonCats3AsyncRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Async
RedissonMonixAsyncRateLimiter monix.eval.Task
RedissonZioRateLimiter zio.Task
RedissonZioAsyncRateLimiter zio.Task


Class Effect
TryConcurrentRateLimiter scala.util.Try
EitherConcurrentRateLimiter Either
JedisClusterSyncConcurrentRateLimiter None (Identity)
JedisClusterCatsConcurrentRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Sync: cats.effect.ContextShift
JedisClusterCats3ConcurrentRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Sync
JedisClusterZioConcurrentRateLimiter zio.Task
JedisSyncConcurrentRateLimiter (sentinel/pool) None (Identity)
JedisCatsConcurrentRateLimiter (sentinel/pool) F[_]: cats.effect.Sync: cats.effect.ContextShift
JedisCats3ConcurrentRateLimiter (sentinel/pool) F[_]: cats.effect.Sync
JedisZioConcurrentRateLimiter (sentinel/pool) zio.Task
LettuceSyncConcurrentRateLimiter None (Identity)
LettuceAsyncConcurrentRateLimiter scala.concurrent.Future
LettuceCatsConcurrentRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Sync: cats.effect.ContextShift
LettuceCatsAsyncConcurrentRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Concurrent
LettuceCats3ConcurrentRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Sync
LettuceCats3AsyncConcurrentRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Async
LettuceMonixAsyncConcurrentRateLimiter monix.eval.Task
LettuceZioConcurrentRateLimiter zio.Task
LettuceZioAsyncConcurrentRateLimiter zio.Task
RedissonSyncConcurrentRateLimiter None (Identity)
RedissonAsyncConcurrentRateLimiter scala.concurrent.Future
RedissonCatsConcurrentRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Sync: cats.effect.ContextShift
RedissonCatsAsyncConcurrentRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Concurrent
RedissonCats3ConcurrentRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Sync
RedissonCats3AsyncConcurrentRateLimiter F[_]: cats.effect.Async
RedissonMonixAsyncConcurrentRateLimiter monix.eval.Task
RedissonZioConcurrentRateLimiter zio.Task
RedissonZioAsyncConcurrentRateLimiter zio.Task


import genkai._
import genkai.redis.jedis._
import redis.clients.jedis.JedisPool

object Main {
 def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
    val jedisPool = new JedisPool()
    val strategy = FixedWindow(10, Window.Minute) // 10 requests per 1 minute
    val rateLimiter: RateLimiter[Identity] = JedisSyncRateLimiter(jedisPool, strategy)
    val key: String = "my key"
    if (rateLimiter.acquire(key)) {
      // some logic
    } else {
      // handle `too many requests` 

More examples can be found in the examples folder.

Some methods of RateLimiter[F[_]] trait require implicit Key instance for your key object.

trait Key[A] {
   * @param value - value which will be used as unique (or not) identifier
   * @return - string representation of id
  def convert(value: A): String

Key[A] allows you to control locks. For example, if you define custom Key[String] which always returns constant id then it will work as a global rate limiter.

There are a number of default implementation for basic types, but it is possible to define a new one if necessary.