nomadblacky / digdag-plugin-datadog   0.3.1

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This Digdag plugin provides operators of Datadog.

Scala versions: 2.13


This Digdag plugin provides operators of Datadog.

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Getting Started

1. Add Datadog API key and Application key

From environment variables

export DATADOG_API_KEY=<your api key>
export DATADOG_APP_KEY=<your application key>
export DATADOG_SITE=<your site> # Optional, "US" or "EU", default is "US"

From Digdag secrets

digdag secrets --local --set datadog.api_key=<your api key>
digdag secrets --local --set datadog.app_key=<your apppplication key>
digdag secrets --local --set<your site> # Optional, "US" or "EU", default is "US"

If keys are set to both, the plugin use keys from secrets.

2. Add the plugin setting to your workflow.

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      - dev.nomadblacky:digdag-plugin-datadog_2.13:<version>


There are full examples in the examples directory.


Send an event to Datadog with tags about task information.

    title: "[TEST] digdag-plugin-datadog"
    text: "Digdag meets Datadog!!"



  • title: [required, string] The event title. Limited to 100 characters.
  • text: [required, string] The body of the event. Limited to 4000 characters. The text supports markdown.
  • tags: [optional, array of string] A list of tags to apply to the event.
  • alert_type: [optional, enum, default=info] If it’s an alert event, set its type between: error, warning, info, and success.
  • priority: [optional, enum, default=normal] The priority of the event: normal or low.