This repository has been deprecated by the owner.

nivox / akka-http-argonaut   0.2

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Argonaut wrapper for akka-http json marshalling/unmarshalling

Scala versions: 2.11 2.10


Akka-http-argonaut is a simple library providing akka-http bindings to for Marshalling/Unmarshalling.

Add it to your project

In order to add akka-htt-argonaut to your project simply include the following dependency:

"io.github.nivox" %% "akka-http-argonaut" % "0.2"

The library is built against the following scala versions:

  • 2.11.7
  • 2.10.6

In order for sbt to resolve the dependency add the following resolver:

"Akka-Http-Argonaut Bintray Repo" at ""


Resolver.bintrayRepo("nivox", "maven")

Use it

Just import io.github.nivox.akka.http.argonaut.ArgonautSupport._ everywhere you need to marshal/unmarshal to/from an HttpEntity.