TDR Metadata Validation

This validation library is used to validate closure and descriptive metadata as per the provided metadata criteria. If the input values have any errors then it will return a list of error codes. You can use the error codes to render the client's specific error messages.

How to use?

  1. Create MetadataCriteria for closure or descriptive metadata
  2. Create a MetadataValidation object with the criteria
  3. Now call the validation method (closure or descriptive) with your metadata



val closureMetadataCriteria = MetadataCriteria("ClosureType", Boolean, true, false, false, List("yes", "no"))
val descriptiveMetadataCriteria = List(
  MetadataCriteria("Property1", Text, false, false, false, Nil, None, None),
val metadataValidation = new MetadataValidation(closureMetadataCriteria, descriptiveMetadataCriteria)

val metadata = List(
  Metadata("Property1", ""),
  Metadata("Property2", ""),
  Metadata("Property3", "test")

val closureMetadataErrors = metadataValidation.validateClosureMetadata(metadata)
val descriptiveMetadataErrors = metadataValidation.validateDescriptiveMetadata(metadata)

Using updated validation library locally

To use the updated library locally for development, run the following command:

sbt publishLocal

This will place a snapshot version of the built project jar in the local .ivy cache folder: $HOME/.ivy2/local/[version number]-SNAPSHOT

Other sbt projects that have this project as a dependency can access the local snapshot version by changing the version number in their build.sbt file, for example:

... other dependencies...
"" %% "tdr-metadata-validation" % "0.0.9-SNAPSHOT"
... other dependences...