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Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11

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This library is an adapter between the Flyway database migration tool and the slick-migration-api library.

One can aggregatescala.slick.migration.api.Migrations into VersionedMigration objects and then pass them to Flyway as follows:

import slick.jdbc.H2Profile.api._
import slick.migration.api._
import slick.migration.api.flyway._
import org.flywaydb.core.Flyway

val db = Database.forConfig("someConfig")

class TestTable(tag: Tag) extends Table[(Int, Int)](tag, "testtable") {
  val col1 = column[Int]("col1")
  val col2 = column[Int]("col2")
  def * = (col1, col2)
val testTable = TableQuery[TestTable]

implicit val dialect: H2Dialect = new H2Dialect

val m1 = TableMigration(testTable)
  .addColumns(_.col1, _.col2)

val m2 = SqlMigration("insert into testtable (col1, col2) values (1, 2)")

implicit val infoProvider: MigrationInfo.Provider[Migration] = MigrationInfo.Provider.strict

val migration = VersionedMigration("1", m1 & m2)

val flyway =