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A DSL for scalacOptions

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12



DSL for scalacOptions

This library contains code-generated traits for all scalac options, from 2.11.0 and on. They are generated by running the compiler and parsing its output.

There are traits and objects for concrete versions, as well as traits for version ranges: entire epochs (V2 and V3), entire major versions (e.g. V2_13), and even minimum minor versions (e.g. V2_13_2_+).

They consist of List[String]-returning methods for each supported option, with the appropriate name and parameters.

There is a simple DSL for -Wconf strings.

There is also a helper method to supply different options depending on the version. ScalacOptions.all takes a version string, and any number of VersionOptionsFunctions, for which you can simply supply a function from a version trait to a List[String]. See the example below.

This library can be used in SBT, Mill, or anywhere else. It does not depend on any build tool.

Example usage


libraryDependencies += "io.github.nafg.scalac-options" %% "scalac-options" % "0.1.9"


// In build.sbt, _root_ is necessary because `` is imported into the namespace already

ThisBuild / scalacOptions ++=
  // Use all of the options we supply that are applicable to the current version
    // These are available in all scala versions (hence "Common")
    (opts: options.Common) => opts.deprecation ++ opts.unchecked ++ opts.feature,
    // For 2.13.x, pass -Xlint:_
    (_: options.V2_13).Xlint("_"),
    // For 2.13.4+, pass -YtastyReader
    (_: options.V2_13_4_+).YtastyReader,
    // Where applicable, silence warnings in the lint-byname-implicit category
    // This will add -Wconf:cat=lint-byname-implicit:silent on 2.12.13 and 2.13.2+