nafg / css-dsl   0.9.0


Generated DSLs for CSS frameworks for scalatags and scala-js-react

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12
Scala.js versions: 1.x

css-dsl: A DSL for CSS Frameworks

Instead of stringly typed, noisy code like this,

  ^.cls := ("panel hidden-xs panel-" + (if (success) "success" else "default")),
    ^.cls := "panel-heading",
    <.h3(^.cls := "panel-title", "Panel title")

write code like this:

  if (success) C.panelSuccess else C.panelDefault,
    <.h3.panelTitle("Panel title")  


CSS libraries

  • Bootstrap 3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Bulma
  • Semantic UI
  • Fomantic UI
  • Font Awesome

Targeted Libraries

  • Scalajs-react
  • Scalatags (currently only the Text bundle for JVM)

DSL Flavors

  • As chainable extension methods on tags
  • As methods on the C object

Additionally, most frameworks are available with prefixed and unprefixed methods


Dependency Coordinates


Artifacts are published to Bintray and synced to Bintray JCenter. For SBT use resolvers += Resolver.jcenterRepo or useJCenter := true (prefixed with ThisBuild / if needed). For other build tools add as a maven repository.


CSS library Scala DOM library SBT Module ID
Bootstrap 3 scalatags.Text (JVM) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %% "bootstrap3_scalatags" % "0.9.0"
Bootstrap 3 scalajs-react (scala.js) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %%% "bootstrap3_scalajsreact" % "0.9.0"
Bootstrap 4 scalatags.Text (JVM) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %% "bootstrap4_scalatags" % "0.9.0"
Bootstrap 4 scalajs-react (scala.js) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %%% "bootstrap4_scalajsreact" % "0.9.0"
Bootstrap 5 scalatags.Text (JVM) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %% "bootstrap5_scalatags" % "0.9.0"
Bootstrap 5 scalajs-react (scala.js) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %%% "bootstrap5_scalajsreact" % "0.9.0"
Bulma scalatags.Text (JVM) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %% "bulma_scalatags" % "0.9.0"
Bulma scalajs-react (scala.js) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %%% "bulma_scalajsreact" % "0.9.0"
Fomantic UI scalatags.Text (JVM) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %% "fomanticui_scalatags" % "0.9.0"
Fomantic UI scalajs-react (scala.js) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %%% "fomanticui_scalajsreact" % "0.9.0"
Font Awesome scalatags.Text (JVM) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %% "fontawesome_scalatags" % "0.9.0"
Font Awesome scalajs-react (scala.js) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %%% "fontawesome_scalajsreact" % "0.9.0"
Semantic UI scalatags.Text (JVM) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %% "semanticui_scalatags" % "0.9.0"
Semantic UI scalajs-react (scala.js) "io.github.nafg.css-dsl" %%% "semanticui_scalajsreact" % "0.9.0"


CSS library Prefix Import
Bootstrap 3 None import cssdsl.bootstrap3.Dsl._
Bootstrap 3 bs import cssdsl.bootstrap3.BsDsl._
Bootstrap 3 bs3 import cssdsl.bootstrap3.Bs3Dsl._
Bootstrap 4 None import cssdsl.bootstrap4.Dsl._
Bootstrap 4 bs import cssdsl.bootstrap4.BsDsl._
Bootstrap 4 bs4 import cssdsl.bootstrap4.Bs4Dsl._
Bootstrap 5 None import cssdsl.bootstrap5.Dsl._
Bootstrap 5 bs import cssdsl.bootstrap5.BsDsl._
Bootstrap 5 bs5 import cssdsl.bootstrap5.Bs5Dsl._
Bulma None import cssdsl.bulma.Dsl._
Bulma b import cssdsl.bulma.BDsl._
Fomantic UI f import cssdsl.fomanticui.FDsl._
Font Awesome None import cssdsl.fontawesome.Dsl._
Font Awesome fa import cssdsl.fontawesome.FaDsl._
Semantic UI s import cssdsl.semanticui.SDsl._


The import gives you two things:

  1. Chainable extension methods on the target library's tag type (scalatags ConcreteHtmlTag[String] or scalajs-react's TagOf[Node]). These methods return a modified version of the tag which allows you to chain them, and then continue as usual (for instance applying modifiers and content to it).
  2. The C object, which methods with the same name but that return a class modifier directly (scalatags Modifier or scalajs-react TagMod). This allows you to use classes conditionally.

For an example illustrating both see the second snippet at the top of this file.

If you use a prefixed flavor the method names are the same except they start with the chosen prefix, and the first letter after the prefix is capitalized. So for example bootstrap4.Dsl will use tableHover while bootstrap4.BsDsl will use bsTableHover.


The DSLs are generated using ph-css and Scalameta. The CSS is read from a CDN and parsed, class selectors are extracted, and their names are converted to camel case.

If you want to add or update a CSS framework you just have to update build.sbt.

To add a new target library you first have to implement it in project/TargetImpl.scala.