mvv / routineer   0.2-M2


Scala DSL for declaring HTTP routes


Routineer is a Scala library that provides an internal DSL for declaring HTTP routes. Routes are constructed from strings and patterns and the type of the handling function is automatically inferred:

get("prefix" /> * /> "middle" /> (IntP >>> PositiveP[Int])) {
    (req // Your request type,
     str // Inferred to be a String,
     i   // Inferred to be an Int) =>



Routineer artifacts routineer and routineer-scalaz are published at repository with groupId com.github.mvv.routineer. Add the following lines to your pom.xml if you are using Maven:


Or add this line to your build file if you are using Simple Build Tool:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.mvv.routineer" %% "routineer" % "0.1.2"

From source

Install Simple Build Tool, run

$ sbt update publish-local publish-local-maven

If you plan to use Routineer with Scalaz, run

$ sbt "project routineer-scalaz" update publish-local publish-local-maven


There is no documentation at the moment, look at the example