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ULID generator utility of Scala 3.

Scala versions: 3.x

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ULID generator implemented with Scala 3.

ULID is the lexicographically sortable identifier it will be very useful for the primary keys on databases (my thoght) or so on.

See details about the specifications of ULID on ulid/spec.



For Scala 3,

libraryDependencies += "io.github.mutsuhiro6" %% "ulid-scala3" % "<version>"

This library only supports Scala 2.13.7,

libraryDependencies += "io.github.mutsuhiro6" % "ulid-scala3_3" % "<version>"
scalacOptions ++= Seq("-Ytasty-reader")

Simple ULID generation

You can generate ULID in the same way as java.util.UUID.

scala> import com.github.mutsuhiro6.util.ULID
scala> ULID.randomULID
val res0: com.github.mutsuhiro6.util.ULID = 01FV2JEC4TJYKQT6JMF0EY7ZDM

It also provides some useful methods that comply with the UUID specification.

scala> ULID()
val res1: com.github.mutsuhiro6.util.ULID = 01FV2JEZNHE2CF8A85MRBVQ2PN
scala> ULID.of("01FV2JEZNHE2CF8A85MRBVQ2PN")
val res2: com.github.mutsuhiro6.util.ULID = 01FV2JEZNHE2CF8A85MRBVQ2PN
scala> ULID(0L)
val res3: com.github.mutsuhiro6.util.ULID = 0000000000A7BVK22FD695NXVS

Monotonical ULID generation

Same as above for simple use.

scala> import com.github.mutsuhiro6.util.ULID
scala> MonotonicalULID.randomULID
val res0: com.github.mutsuhiro6.util.ULID = 01FV2JEC4TJYKQT6JMF0EY7ZDM

See example code to confirm the monotonical behavior.

===Monotonic ULID Generation===
01FV2JQG9V5BEFBENE7RXE5VVE (com.github.mutsuhiro6.util.ULID)
01FV2JQG9YTZNFXQ9H4E033548 (com.github.mutsuhiro6.util.ULID)
01FV2JQG9YTZNFXQ9H4E033549 (com.github.mutsuhiro6.util.ULID)
01FV2JQG9YTZNFXQ9H4E03354A (com.github.mutsuhiro6.util.ULID)
01FV2JQG9YTZNFXQ9H4E03354B (com.github.mutsuhiro6.util.ULID)