msgpack / msgpack-scala   0.8.13


MessagePack serializer implementation for Scala /[Scala]

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11

MessagePack for Scala

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Quick Start

Maven Central

libraryDependencies += "org.msgpack" %% "msgpack-scala" % "(version)"

General usage is the same with msgpack-java. See this example code (Java).

For MessagePack Developers

Basic sbt commands

Enter the sbt console:

$ ./sbt

Here is a list of sbt commands for daily development:

> ~compile                                 # Compile source codes
> ~test:compile                            # Compile both source and test codes
> ~test                                    # Run tests upon source code change
> ~test-only *MessagePackTest              # Run tests in the specified class
> ~test-only *MessagePackTest -- -n prim   # Run the test tagged as "prim"
> project msgpack-scala                    # Focus on a specific project
> package                                  # Create a jar file in the target folder of each project
> scalafmt                                 # Reformat source codes
> ; coverage; test; coverageReport; coverageAggregate;  # Code coverage


> publishLocal            # Install to local .ivy2 repository
> publish                 # Publishing a snapshot version to the Sonatype repository

> release                 # Run the release procedure (set a new version, run tests, upload artifacts, then deploy to Sonatype)

For publishing to Maven central, msgpack-scala uses sbt-sonatype plugin. Set Sonatype account information (user name and password) in the global sbt settings. To protect your password, never include this file in your project.


credentials += Credentials("Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager",
        "(Sonatype user name)",
        "(Sonatype password)")