An sbt plugin to automate AgentScriptCC compilation


The sbt plugin for compilation of AgentScript programs via sbt

AgentScript Cross-Compiler

How to use

Add the plugin to you sbt project in repo/project/plugins.sbt

resolvers += Resolver.bintrayRepo("uva-cci","script-cc-grammars")

addSbtPlugin("nl.uva.sne.cci" % "sbt-scriptcc" % "<version>")

In your main build.sbt enable the plugin


and point the plugin to your AgentScript package(s), in this case located in the asl package so it knows what to translate in either Compile or Test

(agentScriptCC / agentScriptCCPath) in Compile := (baseDirectory.value / "src" / "main" / "asl")

and add this plugin task as a source generation task in Compile or Test

Compile / sourceGenerators += (Compile / agentScriptCC).taskValue

After compilation the Scala counterpart of your agents should be located in sourceManaged and accessible form the rest of the project