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A concatenative cyborg chimera.

sclin is a programming language that leans heavily into its weirdness. Some of its features include:

  • Postfix notation - sclin reads left-to-right with no precedence rules. Concatenation is composition!
  • The Stack - sclin's FIFO stack serves as both storage and a "staging ground" for function arguments. This - in tandem with stack manipulation commands - enables an intuitive point-free style that mirrors those found in functional languages.
  • Line-jumping - sclin treats each line as a separate function, enabling "GOTO"-style line execution commands to create recursion and other control flow structures.
  • Vectorization - Most of sclin's built-in commands vectorize, which allow those commands to operate on arbitrarily nested data structures.
  • Concise symbols - sclin's commands follow a pictographic language to convey and distinguish properties.
  • Type fluidity - Most (if not all) sclin commands auto-convert types as necessary, eschewing type safety for flexibility and expressiveness.

For more info/docs, please visit the wiki.


Browser Interface

Try it on scline! The official online interpreter for sclin.


  • JRE/JDK 21+

Installation with Coursier

sh cs install --contrib sclin

Prebuilt Executable

Download the latest executable JAR from releases and place it on your $PATH. Verify that it works with sclin --help.

Building from Scratch

Clone this repo, cd into it, and run ./mill sclin.assembly (use mill.bat instead of mill if on Windows). The built JAR is at out/sclin/assembly.dest/out.jar.



Made with ♥ by Ben Pang. Released under the MIT License.