moia-oss / scynamo   0.15.0

Apache License 2.0 GitHub

Typeclass to map from/to DynamoDB

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12

Scynamo - Library to convert between DynamoDB and Scala types

Scynamo is a library to map your Scala case classes/sealed traits to and from DynamoDB. For that the library uses the typeclass approach and is very similar to other libraries in the Scala ecosystem.

Overview of Features

  • derive instances for your ADTs to encode/decode from/to DynamoDB
  • precise error messages for nested case classes/lists/maps/...
  • customize the derivation of case classes and sealed traits using options
  • AttributeValue-Syntax for null-safe accessors
  • provides optional syntax for encoding/decoding (see scynamo.syntax.*)
  • safe: Instead of silently encoding empty {String,Number,Binary} Sets, this operation fails in scynamo, allowing you to catch the error before even reaching DynamoDB. See


You can find the documentation here.