ml86 / mill-antlr   0.1.0

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Antlr support for mill builds.

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12


ANTLR support for mill builds.



Add dependency and import AntlrModule class in

import $ivy.`net.mlbox::mill-antlr:0.1.0`
import net.mlbox.millantlr.AntlrModule

Mixin AntlrModule trait into your project object:

object foo extends ScalaModule with AntlrModule {...}

Specify ANTLR grammar files or directory:

... with AntlrModule {
  override def antlrGrammarSources = T.sources {
    Seq(os.pwd/"grammar1.g4", os.pwd/"grammar2.g4", os.pwd/"grammarDir").map(PathRef(_))


Generate ANTLR visitor/listener interface:

... with AntlrModule {
  override def antlrGenerateVisitor: Boolean = true
  override def antlrGenerateListener: Boolean = true

Specify package name of genrate ANTLR parser classes:

... with AntlrModule {
  override def antlrPackage: Option[String] = Some("net.mlbox")