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Idiomatic Scala API for Deadbolt 2

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13

Deadbolt 2 for Play 2

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Deadbolt 2 is an authorization library for Play 2, and features APIs for both Java- and Scala-based applications. It allows you to apply constraints to controller actions, and to customize template rendering based on the current user.

This repository contains the Scala API for Deadbolt.


You can find documentation and examples for Deadbolt at

Get the book!

If you want to explore Deadbolt further, you might want to take a look at the book I'm currently writing on it. You can find it at

Deadbolt 2 - Powerful authorization for your Play application

Java API

The Java version of Deadbolt can by found at

2.5.x Migration guide

  • There is no longer a common module shared by the Scala and Java versions of Deadbolt, so there is no more usage of Java types in the API.
  • Types previously found in be.objectify.deadbolt.core.models are now found in be.objectify.deadbolt.scala.models.
  • be.objectify.deadbolt.core.PatternType is now be.objectify.deadbolt.scala.models.PatternType.
  • be.objectify.deadbolt.core.DeadboltAnalyzer has been re-implemented in Scala as be.objectify.deadbolt.scala.StaticConstraintAnalyzer.
  • Instead of an implicit Request, actions now receive an explicit AuthenticatedRequest that contains an Option[Subject].
  • The functions of DeadboltActions now return a Future[Result] in place of an Action[A].