mixql / mixql-core   0.8.0

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combinator for lot of sql langs

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12

Mixql Core


Mixql parametrs

Mixql parameters can be set in HOCON config file whitch is parsed by typesafe config. They also can be set using org.mixql.core.context.Context.setVar at runtime as any other variable. Avaliable params:

  1. mixql.error.skip - bool, if true skips errors in engine execution. Default false

  2. mixql.engine.variables.update - string, one of: "all", "current", "none". If all, all variable changes moves to all registered in contex engines. If current: the same is all but only to current engine. If none: no variable values synchronization. Default "all"

  3. mixql.execution.engine - string name of current execution engine.

mixql.variables.init - special object only used in config file. All fields of this object is initial variables for context when started. For example in config file:

mixql.variables.init {
    intVariable = 42

when you start context you will have int variable with name intVariable and value 42. If mixql.engine.variables.update is "all" all engines will have this param too.