memo33 / scdbpf   0.2.1

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a simple Scala-DBPF library

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11


This is a DBPF library written in Scala, which runs on the JVM. Its most important features are immutability, which makes the library thread-safe, as well as a simple API, which also makes it particularly suitable for scripting.

Currently, only DBPF format version 1.0 is supported, which is used by SimCity 4. The most common DBPF types are supported, such as Exemplar, Cohort, SC4Paths, S3D, FSH, LText.

This library has evolved from the jDBPFX library; yet, almost everything has been rewritten entirely.


Add the following to your build.sbt file:

libraryDependencies += "io.github.memo33" %% "scdbpf" % "0.2.1"

The latest version is available on Maven Central.


See here for the current documentation. It can also be generated via sbt doc. The main page contains some examples to get started. For example, the task of sorting the entries of a DBPF file by TGI would be achieved via sbt console like this:

val dbpf = File("foobar.dat"))

Contact and Support

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This library is released under the MIT license (see included license file).