npm-style matchers for scala version dependent sources

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version-dependent source directories for sbt in npm SemVer range syntax

  • projectdir/src/main/scala<2.13/ will be used for scala versions below 2.13.0
  • projectdir/src/main/scala>=2.13/ will be used for scala versions 2.13.0 and later
  • projectdir/src/main/scala^2.13.2/ will be used for scala 2.13.2 <= version < 3.0.0
  • projectdir/src/main/scala>=3.0.0-M2 <3.0.0-RC/ will be used for all dotty milestone releases after 2 (but not RCs)
  • projectdir/src/main/scala^2.13.2 || ~2.12.13/ will be used for scala 2.13.2 <= version < 3.0.0 and 2.12.13 <= version < 2.13

Connoisseurs may recognize the last pattern as the version range in which the scala reporter changed to allow warning suppression.


Put the following in project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.heroestools" %% "sbt-sourcedirs" % "1.0.0")

and that's all.


If your normal scala directory is in project/src/main/scala, then sbt automatically makes projectdir/src/main/scala-2.12 and projectdir/scr/main/scala-2.13 available for version-specific code.

This plugin adds semver ranges to the mix. Any directory scala$range or scala-$range where range is an npm-style semver range as described in will be used if the scala version matches the range.

The most common usage is having scala<=2.12 and scala>=2.13 to have one directory for everything below 2.13.0, and one for 2.13 and the 3 series.


The plugin exposes the boolean setting sourcedirsMatchPrereleases, which, by default is true, so that scala>=2.13 also matches the milestone and RC releases of upcoming versions (e.g. scala 3.0.0-M3).

You can set it to false if you don't want to match prerelease tags unless they're explicitly part of the range.


sourcedirsMatchPrereleases := false

//now projectdir/src/main/scala>2.13.0 will no longer match scala 3.0.0-RC1


Creating new directories after loading your project in sbt doesn't automatically add them until you reload the project.