KissNumber is an alternative boxing for numeric variables in Scala.

What you need to know about KissNumber:

  • Number is the parent type for both integer and floating point values.
  • An IntegerNumber holds an integer value (it wraps a Long)
  • A RealNumber holds a floating point value (it wraps a Double)
  • All the operations that can be performed in a Double can be performed in a RealNumber (including the existence of an implicit RichRealNumber)
  • All the operations that can be performed in a Long can be performed in a IntegerNumber (including the existence of an implicit RichIntegerNumber) except ...
    • the '/' operator performs a floating point division and ...
    • a '/%' operator is provided instead, which returns a Pair containing the integer quotient and the modulus
  • All the operations that IntegerNumber and RealNumber have in common can be performed directly on a Number (including the existence of an implicit RichNumber). Hence that IntegerNumber performs floating point divisions.
  • Implicit bidirectional conversions between standard Scala values (Int, Float, Double, ...) and the adequate Number types are provided


import com.bryghts.kissnumber._

object Examples extends App

    val n: Number = 3

    def foo(x: Number, y: Number, z: Number): Number = x + y / z

    val a: IntegerNumber = 1
    val b: RealNumber    = 2.3
    val c: Number        = 67

    val d = foo(a, b, c)


    val l: List[Number] = List(1, 4.5, 2, 3, -2)

    println({_ * 2}.mkString(","))



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libraryDependencies += "com.bryghts.kissnumber" % "kissnumber_2.10" % "0.0.3"