Mantik Core

Mantik Core is a runtime engine designed for evaluating, executing and deploying AI/ML Applications. It is designed around Mantik Items which can be combined into a graph.

Various Frameworks and Data-Formats are encapsulated through Bridges.

Note: Mantik Definitions are not stable and subject of changes.


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  Getting Started <GettingStarted>
  Building <Building>
  Datatypes and serialization <DataTypes>
  MNP Protocol <Mnp>
  Bridge documentation <Bridges>
  MantikHeader documentation <MantikHeader>
  Executor Documentation <Executor>
  Samples <Samples>
  Debugging with Minikube <Minikube>
  Mantik ID <MantikId>
  Glossary <Glossary>
  Architecture <Architecture>
  SQL Support <Sql>

Code Structure

  • bridge Contains Adapters (Bridges) to Data Formats and Algorithms
  • cli Mantik Command line Client
  • doc Contains documentation which can be rendered with sphinx.
  • componently Scala Helper library, simplifying use of Akka, gRpc and Component-Building.
  • ds Contains Mantik DataTypes and their main serialization format.
  • elements Contains the basic Mantik definitions: MantikHeader, various Definitions.
  • examples Contains Examples
  • executor Contains the Executor, for executing DAG-Execution Plans
  • go_shared Contains shared Go Code
  • planner Contains the local application and interface for planning and executing jobs.
  • project Contains Scala Build Information
  • testutils Contains shared Scala Testing Code


Contributions are welcome!

If you want to contribute code, please sign a contributor agreement.

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If you modify this Program, or any covered work, by linking or
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