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Use jooq to build queries and run it a reactive way

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12

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This API is a solution to use jooq with reactive clients for RDBMS.


At the moment there are 2 implementations:

  • a blocking jdbc implementation
  • a vertx reactive implementation for postgresql only


Jcenter hosts this library.






implementation "${version}"


implementation "${version}"


Create a pool

The JDBC one :

PGSimpleDataSource dataSource = new PGSimpleDataSource();
PgAsyncPool jdbcPgAsyncPool = new JdbcPgAsyncPool(SQLDialect.POSTGRES, dataSource, Executors.newFixedThreadPool(5));

The reactive one :

DefaultConfiguration jooqConfig = new DefaultConfiguration();
PgConnectOptions options = new PgConnectOptions()
PoolOptions poolOptions = new PoolOptions().setMaxSize(10);
Vertx vertx = Vertx.vertx();
PgPool client = PgPool.pool(vertx, options, poolOptions);

PgAsyncPool reactivePgAsyncPool = new ReactivePgAsyncPool(client, jooqConfig);

Perform query

The idea is to use the jooq DSL as a builder to write the query. The query is then run against the underlying library.

Query one :

CompletionStage<Option<String>> futureResult = reactivePgAsyncPool
        .queryOne(dsl ->"Ragnar")))
        .map(mayBeResult -> -> row.get(name)));

Query many :

CompletionStage<List<String>> futureResult = reactivePgAsyncPool
        .query(dsl ->
        .map(results -> -> row.get(name)));

Stream data

Publisher<String, NotUsed> stream = reactivePgAsyncPool
                .stream(500 /*fetch size*/, dsl ->
                .map(q -> q.get(name));

The publisher comes from the reactive streams API.

Execute statement

CompletionStage<Integer> insertResult = reactivePgAsyncPool.inTransaction(t ->
        t.execute(dsl -> dsl.insertInto(table).set(name, "test"))

Batch statements

With this version you can send a statement once and then send all parameters. This version is the most performant if you have one statement with multiple values.

List<String> names = List.range(0, 10).map(i -> "name-" + i);
CompletionStage<Long> batchResult = reactivePgAsyncPool.executeBatch(
        dsl -> dslContext.insertInto(table).columns(name).values((String) null),

With this version, you can batch a set of statements. You should use this version if your statements are all different.

List<String> names = List.range(0, 10).map(i -> "name-" + i);
CompletionStage<Long> batchResult = reactivePgAsyncPool.executeBatch(dsl -> -> dslContext.insertInto(table).set(name, n))

Spring reactor :

The jooq-async-reactive module expose operations with the Mono / Flux API.

PgAsyncPool pgAsyncPool = PgAsyncPool.create(client, jooqConfig);

Mono<Option<String>> result =  pgAsyncPool.queryOneOne(dsl -> dsl
        .map(mayBeResult -> -> row.get(name)));