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scalajs-react components for react-bootstrap

Scala versions: 2.13
Scala.js versions: 1.x

react-bootstrap for scalajs-react

Wanting to use bootstrap v4 with ScalaJS and React? Look no further!

This library adapts the react-bootstrap JavaScript/React components for the scalajs-react library by japgolly.


Most of the react-bootstrap components now have a component representation.

Note: some props parameters may be absent. If something is missing, or incorrect, please open an issue, or provide a PR.

Version matrix

scalajs-react-bootstrap scalajs-react react-bootstrap bootstrap
0.0.1-SNAPSHOT 1.4.1 1.0.0-beta.5 4.2

How to use

Add the library as a dependency:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.littlenag" %%% "scalajs-react-bootstrap" % "0.0.1-SNAPSHOT"

You will also need to ensure that react-bootstrap is available and importable from JavaScript. The react-bootstrap library will further require: jquery, popper, and bootstrap v4.

For an example of how to use this library, as well as ensure that all dependencies are available, see the scala-pet-store example.