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An sbt plugin to keep your WhiteSource project up to date

Scala versions: 2.10
sbt plugins: 0.13

sbt-whitesource is an sbt plugin to keep your WhiteSource project up to date. In WhiteSource terms it is an external update agent for sbt.

Project status

This project is no longer active.


  1. Add the sbt plugin to project/plugins.sbt, like so:
addSbtPlugin("com.lightbend" % "sbt-whitesource" % "0.1.18")
  1. Set the Organization API Key (from WhiteSource's Integrate page) by appending to credentials in ~/.sbt/1.0/whitesource-credentials.sbt, like so:
credentials += Credentials(realm = "whitesource", host = "",
  userName = "", passwd = "********" /* Organization API Key */)

Or set the WHITESOURCE_PASSWORD environment variable to contain the organization API key.

On Travis CI, use its Encrypted Environment Variables feature.

For GitHub workflows, create a Secret and reference it from the workflow:

      - name: sbt "whitesourceCheckPolicies; whitesourceUpdate"
        run: sbt "whitesourceCheckPolicies; whitesourceUpdate"
  1. In your build.sbt set the product name and the aggregate project name and token, also available from WhiteSource's Integrate page:
whitesourceProduct in ThisBuild               := "Lightbend Reactive Platform"
whitesourceAggregateProjectName in ThisBuild  := "akka-2.5"
whitesourceAggregateProjectToken in ThisBuild := "1234abc-******"


Run whitesourceUpdate task to upload your projects' info to WhiteSource.


This plugin is a port of whitesource-maven-plugin v3.2.4 to sbt, providing very similar options and features.

Interesting keys

The following keys might be of particular interest:

  • whitesourceServiceUrl in ThisBuild: Specifies the WhiteSource Service URL (or IP) to use, for on-premise installations


As the whitesource library relies on the Apache httpclient its logging can be configured as described here:

For instance passing these options to sbt shows the requests and responses:


To view the diff payload, it needs to be urldecoded, base64-decoded and then un-gzipped.


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