lightbend / kalix-jvm-sdk   1.2.0

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Java and Scala SDKs for Kalix

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0

Kalix Java and Scala SDK

For more information see the documentation for implementing Kalix services in Java or Scala.

Parts of the Kalix Java/Scala SDK

  • user-facing packages

    • kalix-java-sdk and kalix-scala-sdk The Java/Scala API to build services in Kalix (backed by an implementation in Scala based on Akka gRPC).

      See Developing with Java or Scala.

    • kalix-java-sdk-testkit and kalix-scala-sdk-testkit A library to implement integration tests for services with Junit 4 or 5, based on TestContainers. Also contains library parts of unit TestKit.

    • samples Small example services to illustrate Kalix features. The code provides snippets for the documentation.

  • developer tooling

    • codegen/core, codegen/java-gen, codegen/scala-gen Tooling to generate code from Protobuf with annotations.
    • maven-java Maven tooling
      • kalix-maven-plugin Maven plugin to trigger code generation.
      • kalix-maven-archetype-event-sourced-entity Maven archetype to create a project with an Event-sourced Entity.
      • kalix-maven-archetype-value-entity Maven archetype to create a project with a Value Entity.
    • sbt-plugin sbt plugin for code generation.
    • sbt new (gitter8) templates:
  • docs The documentation feeding into Developing with Java or Scala.

  • tck The Technology Compatibility Kit which ensures the Java SDK adheres to the Kalix protocol.


The Kalix Java SDK is Open Source and available under the Apache 2 License.