lenalebt / play-rfc7807   2.6.1

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An implementation for application/problem+json for the play framework

Scala versions: 2.12

application/problem+json (RFC7807) plugin for Play framework

This plugin adds easy support for RFC7807 to your application.


add the dependency

libraryDependencies += "de.lenabrueder" %% "play-rfc7807" % "2.6.1"

to your build.sbt. Versioning follows play version in major and minor versions, patch version is up to the library. If you want to use the error handler as well, add

play.http.errorHandler = "de.lenabrueder.rfc7807.ProblemErrorHandler"

to your application.conf.

After that, you can use it through adding import de.lenabrueder.rfc7807.PlayIntegration._ to your controller. This adds some implicit functions to your Results, which allow you to do the following:

InternalServerError.withProblem("cannot store flight")
Forbidden.withProblem(new RuntimeException("something went wrong"))
Unauthorized.withProblem(Problem("https://httpstatuses.com/401", "no authorization"))

Result will be something like

  "type": "https://httpstatuses.com/404",
  "title": "Cannot find requested object",
  "status": 404

You can configure URL generation by changing the import import de.lenabrueder.rfc7807.PlayIntegration._ to import de.lenabrueder.rfc7807.PlayIntegration.ResultAsProblem and providing an instance of UrlConfiguration implicitly when calling the withProblem or asProblem functions.