laurencer / thrifty   0.3.2

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A Scala parser for Thrift IDL files.

Scala versions: 2.11 2.10


A library for parsing Thrift IDLs with minimal dependencies.

Build Status

This project is essentially a fork of Scrooge Generator. The reason for copying the code instead of using it as a library/dependency is to ensure that the project can be built for multiple versions of Scala and easily included in other tools/projects.

Getting Started

To get started using the library - include it as a dependency in your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "com.rouesnel" %% "thrifty" % "0.1.0"

Quick Start

This example can be run by copying and pasting the example into sbt console.


import com.rouesnel.thrifty.frontend._

// Directory containing all of the thrift files.
val thriftDirectory = new File("src/test/resources")

// Thrift file to parse.
val thriftFile = new File(thriftDirectory, "Example.thrift")

// The importer is used to resolve references/links to other Thrift files.
val importer: Importer = Importer(directory)

// Parser that can be re-used.
val parser: ThriftParser = new ThriftParser(Importer(thriftDirectory))

// Parsed document.
val parsed: ResolvedDocument = TypeResolver()(parser.parseFile(thriftFile.getAbsolutePath))

// Finding a particular struct
val Some(myStruct) = parsed.document.structs.find( == "MyStruct")

// Print all the field names and types.
myStruct.fields.foreach(field => {
  println(field.docstring.getOrElse("No comment provided"))
  println(s"${field.index}: ${}")
  println(s"Type: ${field.fieldType}")

Release Guide

Releases are automatically handled by the TravisCI build using an approach similar to what the Guardian use.

On a successful build on master, sbt-sonatype is used to publish a signed build to Sonatype OSS, which is then released (using the same plugin). The releases are signed with a PGP key (included in the repository in an encrypted form).


Credentials are included in the repository in the following encrypted files:

  • credentials.sbt.enc: an encrypted sbt file that contains credentials for uploading to Sonatype OSS and the passphrase for the PGP keyring.
  • pubring.gpg.enc: an encrypted gpg public keyring.
  • secring.gpg.enc: an encrypted gpg private keyring.

During the build these files are decrypted using the ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD that has been encrypted in the .travis.yml file.