Scanamo DynamoFormat for popular Scala Json libraries

⚠️ Jul 19 2021 - This project has been archived ⚠️

This project has deviated from the upstream, and now publishes only the circe DynamoFormat. Rather than maintain the confusion between the two projects, this one has split into its own dedicated repo -

Scanamo Json

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Scanamo Json provides DynamoFormats for popular Scala Json libraries. The format will serialize directly to DynamoDB AttributeValues, allowing full use of DynamoDB while allowing arbitrary Json objects to be stored or reusing existing formats.

Getting started


First, add the dependency:

    libraryDependencies += "io.laserdisc" %% "scanamo-circe" % "1.0.5"

Finally, the format can be imported with:

    import io.github.howardjohn.scanamo.CirceDynamoFormat._

This provides a DynamoFormat[T] for all T with both an Encoder and Decoder.


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