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Google Maps geocoding library for Scala

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11 2.10

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A Google Maps geocoding library for Scala. The goal of the library is provide lightweight, easy to use geocoding functions that are thoroughly tested.


  • No 3rd-party dependencies (scala-xml is required for projects building on 2.11.x+)
  • Fully unit tested
  • API Compliant
  • Easy to use and integrate


Include the following in your build.sbt

libraryDependencies += "com.koddi" %% "geocoder" % "1.1.0"

And then import the classes into your code

import com.koddi.geocoder.Geocoder

val geo = Geocoder.create


To build simply run the following sbt commands.

$ sbt clean compile test doc assembly

API Documentation will be generated in target/scala-2.{version}/api/


To create a Geocoder simply call the Geocoder.create function. Refer to the test/ directory for more in depth examples, below is a high level overview on how to use the library.

// Bring the Geocoder into scope
import com.koddi.geocoder.{Geocoder, ResponseParser}

// The factory object can be used to lazily create Geocoders
val geo = Geocoder.create

// If you need to use an API key because of limiting
val geoWithKey = Geocoder.create(MY_KEY)

// Geocoders can be created with parameters that will be passed at every lookup
val geoWithParams = Geocoder.create(Parameters(region = Some("us")))

// And lastly if you need to manually create the Geocoder
// that's supported as well.
val customGeo = new Geocoder(API_URL, Some(API_KEY), None, new ResponseParser)

To perform latitude/longitude lookups simply provide a formatted address.

// Lookup a location with a formatted address string
// Returns a Seq[Result]
val results = geo.lookup("2821 W 7th St, Fort Worth, TX")

// Access the MapComponents geometry data to get the location
val location = results.head.geometry.location

println(s"Latitude: ${location.latitude}, Longitude: ${location.longitude}")

Performing reverse lookups is just as easy.

// Lookup an address by latitude/longitude
// Reverse lookups also produce Seq[Result] objects
val results = geo.lookup(32.857, -96.748)

// Lookups can also be done with Component objects
// See com.koddi.geocoder.Component for more examples
val results = geo.lookup(Seq(CountryComponent("fr")))

// Place IDs are also supported
val results = geo.lookupPlace("ChIJk4x9peBzToYRBYLucCG-eGY")

Asynchronous calls are also supported.

// Can also be created with a key
val geo = Geocoder.createAsync

// Returns a Future[Seq[Result]]
val query = geo.lookup("2821 W 7th St, Fort Worth, TX")

// Process the Seq[Result]
query onComplete {
    case Success(results) => {
        for (result <- results) {
            // do something...
    case Failure(error) => println(error.getMessage)

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