knowitall / chunkedextractor   2.2.1


Extractors whose input is a chunked sentence. Includes Relnoun, Nesty, and a scala interface for ReVerb.

Scala versions: 2.10

** DEPRECATED! ** Please see, which has combined multiple projects into a single project and maintains the latest version of Open IE (Open IE 5). It is based on another repository, which has an older version of Open IE.

Chunked Extractors

The chunked extractors project is a collection of three extractors.

  1. ReVerb--an extractor for verb-mediated relations (Sally sells sea shells).
  2. Relnoun--an extractor for noun-mediate relation (United States president Barack Obama).
  3. Nesty--an extractor for nested relations (Some people say that we never landed on the moon).

This project provides a common interface to the three extractors by using the nlptools project for chunking and lemmatization.

Citing Relnoun

Harinder Pal, Mausam. "Demonyms and Compound Relational Nouns in Nominal Open IE". Workshop on Automated Knowledge Base Construction (AKBC) at NAACL. San Diego, CA, USA. June 2016.

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  • [01/15/2016][Relnoun] The version 2.2.0 is released (release notes).
  • [12/30/2015][Relnoun] The version 2.0.0 is released (release notes).